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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Ojas is an eco-friendly brand, our tag line “Power of Purity” says it all – from the choice of ingredients to the packaging materials, all intended to benefit human health as well as the “health” of Mother Earth. The brand is different from others in terms of things it does not have - no chemicals or artificial fragrances in any of our products, no toxic packaging materials. Only pure essential oils are used, which have the power and potential to balance us until the core energy level, and add to our ojas – our essence. All base oils used in Ojas products are cold pressed, a natural manufacturing process of extracting oil without involving synthetic chemicals or heat above 140 degrees, thereby retaining beneficial fatty acids and other nutrients of oil in its most natural form. Human beings are natural organic beings, and only natural substances can sustain our health in the long run because they derive their potency from the elements of Nature, a core principle followed at Ojas. This separates us from the rest.

Aromatherapy is the art of healing with pure essential oils - the highly concentrated volatile, aromatic extracts from plants, herbs, and flowers. Not only are aromatherapy essential oils fragrant, many have medicinal properties too which can help in alleviating ailments. Through topical application or inhaling, pure essential oils go a long way in healing!

Aromatherapy candles, if made with 100% beeswax and scented by pure essential oils provide healing benefits. Most of the scented candles marketed today are made from a by-product of petroleum called paraffin. Paraffin candles emits black smoke into the air when burning, releasing toxins some of which are carcinogenic. Secondly, fragrances or perfume oils are added instead of essential oils. Fragrances are often made from chemicals, and lack the therapeutic properties of essential oils. So just because someone lights a scented candle doesn't make it aromatherapy!

Beeswax candles burn longer and do not drip nor stain interior surfaces as created by Paraffin. To ensure only 100% essential oils are added, take note of the aroma. Fragrance or perfume will have very distinct and strong odor where as aroma from aromatherapy candles made with pure essential oils will be more subtle to the point of non-existent if lit in an open area.

Because pure essential oils have the potential to heal us at a deeper, subtle level, for optimal health benefit the quality of essential oil used in a finished product is therefore of vital importance. At Ojas, we strive only for the finest. Some of our products require the use of essential oils unavailable in Thailand, in such cases we import from the source countries. No substitute or compromise in this aspect. The reason why our products are more costly than similar products in the market.

Using base oil of high quality is of immense importance as oil absorbs into our body through the pores of our skin, passing along with it all the herbs and essential oils to the target organs and tissues. Oils with high absorption rate and antioxidant properties are therefore the best choice. Most of the products marketed today use refined vegetable oil or mineral oil as the base oil. The refining process uses heat and synthetic chemicals in the manufacturing process, which rob the oil of its nutrient content resulting in accumulation of toxins in our body, cause of today’s plethora of sicknesses. “Ojas” will ensure that your skin and your health are enriched with the Power of Purity.

Ojas Aromatherapy Massage Oils uses a combination of six oils as base or carrier oils. Cold Pressed Sunflower oil and Coconut oil, which is cooling in nature, has been “warmed” by blending with cold compressed Grape Seed ,Sweet Almond, Black Cumin and Sesame oils. These base oils have high levels of minerals and antioxidant vitamin compounds. Their absorption rate is high as well, permeating through the seven epidermal layers of the skin to nourish and heal deep-seated tissues. Carrier oils are used to carry the essence of essential oils to the skin, besides nourishing and moisturizing the skin.
According to Indian Ayurveda and Thai Traditional Medicine, our body is a combination of these four elements with one dominant basic element governing our body. Health is achieved when we stay in harmony with our basic constitution. Many factors cause an imbalance state such as age, seasons and lifestyles to name a few. Such imbalances can be corrected primarily with diet in our daily life, and to some extent, through breathing. Our olfactory nerves are directly linked to the brain, which is the center governing hormone secretion. The aromas we inhale subtly trigger the secretion of well-being hormones, which affect our mood and ultimately our sense of well-being. Our Balancing Aromatherapy Oils have been created with this goal in mind – to balance you in your daily life. They form an important part of preventive healthcare. More products with a similar concept will be introduced on an ongoing basis.
Yes, they are effective in healing, as evidenced in many cases with client testimonials. For instance, respiratory massage oils have shown very good results when used regularly or at the onset of related symptoms. Most of our clients use the respiratory massage oils at the onset of symptoms like sore throat, cold or cough. And this actually helps to reduce the severity of the symptoms. However, this should not be a replacement to visiting your physician in case the symptoms aggravate.
These were one of the first fusion products created for personal use. The formula for this category is age old from the ancient science of Ayurveda. Indian medicinal herbs were substituted with locally grown Thai herbs and used as main ingredients in these products. With just a few applications the result is apparent.
An eco-friendly brand Ojas is completely safe for all including children. Other Respiratory Aromatherapy massage oil can be used to cure onset of minor cold, cough or sore throat either before seeking physician advice or complementary with modern medicines.
When shopping for holistic personal care products, always avoid products which use refined base oils. Essential oils should be fragrant free. 100% chemical free is another crucial fact which should be looked at. Packaging is yet another equally important feature which can not be ignored. Never buy oils packed in clear glass or plastic bottles. This is because light damages the oil, and the oil itself is contaminated upon storing in plastic bottles. As a 21st century consumer, shop with a greater environmental conscience. Avoid frivolous packaging and promote recycling. Ojas fulfills all these criteria, an eco-friendly choice to eternal health and beauty.
Ojas would appeal to those choosing an alternative path to healthcare, the health conscious individual who believes in being proactive and preventive seeking for knowledge and daring to try the unconventional. As human race progressively moves back towards nature, there is a huge untapped niche market who is embracing ancient wisdom long overshadowed by consumerism. Ojas seeks to fill this void in the supply chain.
Yes, we plan to go global with our brand. We are in discussion phase with few potential dealers in India, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. We have also received enquiries from Japan, UAE and few countries in Europe.

Since these are 100% chemical free, the shelf life is much lesser than other brands in the market. Our packaging with completely sealed inner lid will ensure that if not opened, the shelf life is about 2 years from the manufacturing date. However, once opened and used, correct storage is the key to preserving the freshness and potency of your oils. Heat, sunlight and air can all have a detrimental effect on life span of your massage oils. To retain the quality of your oils, we recommend storing it in the fridge until they are used up. If kept in room temperature, then should be used before 8 months.

We have deliberately kept the maximum net volume of our oils to 100 ml, avoiding any chance of it being contaminated.

Although they do not cause any real damage, it is not recommended to use aromatherapy oils past their expiry date if you intend on applying them to your skin. However, there are other practical uses for end of life aromatherapy oils that can no longer be applied to skin. They can be used in natural organic home made household cleaning solutions, or in an essential oil diffuser for room freshening.